Radonlab has offered various radon courses since 2004. Our presenters have over 15 years experience in radon research and development and practical aspects of measurement and measures against radon . Radonlab organizes two basic courses and two advanced radon courses . These are listed below. Click on the links to get to the description of each course. Radonlab's radon courses are held in Oslo and possibly in other cities by request and provided sufficient number of participants. For a list of course dates in 2012 click the link below.

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Radonlab organizes the following courses:

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Course #1. Radon basic course, 1 day

This course will provide a general and broad introduction to radon issues. Course participants who have taken this course are expected to be able to give simple advice to the public regarding what radon is, health risks, which tests should be done, and how to obtain help against high radon levels. A photo from a radon course is shown left. Read more ...

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Course #2. Radon basic course, 2 days

The course provides a thorough introduction to radon issues. Participants are expected to be informed and to be able to communicate and give advice on all important aspects of the radon problem. This course provides a base for other advanced courses and is mandatory for courses 3 and 4 Read more ...


Course #3. Radon monitoring advanced course, 1 day

This course will provide a deeper understanding of physical properties of radon gas, and a theoretical and practical introduction to the most important methods of measurement of radon concentration. Participants will be able to assess which methods should be used in each situation. Participants who has completed this course should be able to plan, execute, analyze and report the results of radon measurements in different types of buildings. They will also be able to evaluate the radon risk in buildings, on a site, or from radon in drinking water. Read more ...

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Course #4. Planning and implementation of measures against radon, 2 days

The course is primarily aimed at businesses that need an understanding of radon measures and training in practical execution of technical construction- and ventilation measures against radon. Participants should be able to understand the impact of various radon mitigations and troubleshoot when a strategy is not working as intended. Participants completing this course should be able to carry out and master various types of action against radon. Read more ...

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