Radon mitigation - inspections

Radonlab conducts inspections and produces reports with a mitigation plan and engineering of the radon counter-measures. Radonlab is certified by Norwegian Building Authorities. The most important step in prevention or improvement of buildings with regard to radon, is the appropriate choice and planning of interventions. The process starts with an inspection that include short-term radon and other measurements in the building and is the basis for an action plan for buildings with a radon problem. Call us or send an e-mail with your request!

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Workplaces - radon measurements and improvements

Since time spent at work is restricted to certain parts of the day, with ventilation systems often used in such buildings, special precautions need to be taken when it comes to measuring radon. To acknowledge this fact Radonlab has developed procedures to measure radon under any  conditions typical for workplaces.

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Municipalities - radon-mapping and radon protection

Does your municipality know the local risk areas for radon gas? Through regulations, requirements for mapping of radon and radon protection of building structures are set in place. Municipalities are therefore required to know the local risk areas for radon gas. Radonlab has developed a program that offers municipalities a complete mapping and control of radon.

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The planning of preventive measures against radon in new buildings

Radonlab initiates radon mitigation projects in new buildings and is certified for responsibility-in-action against radon. One important step in radon prevention in new constructions, is deciding the right choice and design of interventions. We undertake construction site surveys showing us which level of prevention is required in each situation. We subsequently outline mitigation plans based on radon risk on the site considering the construction selected.

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