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Track-etch detectors for long-term radon measurement

The recommended method of measurement for everybody that wants to perform radon measurements in their home, cottage or workplace. Closed CR-39 track-etch detectors  measure radon concentrations in air indoors over a period from 20 days up to one year. It is recommended to measure for at least two months in the winter. Analysed in the state-of-art acdcredited laboratory for the analysis of track-etch detectors (ISO/ IEC 17025, SWEDAC akkr.nr.10243). We provide top quality at affordable prices.

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Electronic instruments for continuous radon measurement

Instruments for logging and montoring of radon concentration. The key to an effective control of high radon levels relies on the accurate monitoring of radon concentration over time. Our digital instruments measure radon concentrations in air, water, and ground over short- and long time periods. We are happy to guide you to the instrument that fits your specific needs.

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Radon survey of building site

Radonlab conducts surveys at construction sites with respect to radon. We use several monitoring systems and evaluate radon risk by classifying a construction site as low, medium or high risk. On the basis of the measurement results, Radonlab's consultants prepare a report with the preventive measures plan for the new building that suits the radon risk and the type of construction.

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Radon measurement in water

Household water used daily from a well drilled in some types of rock should be tested for the concentration of radon gas. Radon sampling of well water may be carried out throghout the year. Simply order the measurement in the online store and we will ship you our test-kit for water samples. You can easily take your sample yourself by following our instructions.

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Calibration of radon detector instruments

Does your radon detector need a check-up?

All digital radon detectors that have been used for some time need a calibration to see if the displayed measurement values are correct. Eurofins Radonlab performs calibrations of all types of electronic radon detector instruments for continuous measurement of radonlevels, by comparing values from the detector against a reference instrument.

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