Personal electronic radon meter and dosimeter
- The smallest in the world!


• Micro System-controlled semiconductor alpha detector.

• On-line LC display shows the dose, or radon level
• Small size (similar to mobile)
• Easy to use, very robust and easy to carry, for example. the belt
• shielded from external radiation
• Alarm on specific radon level of audio and signal
• Infrared (IrDA) communication with PC
• Built-in rechargeable battery and adapter for charging or continuous operation

radonlab presents a new generation of electronic mini-radon monitors / dosimeters. DOSEMAN instrument provides flexible opportunities for continuous measurement of radon levels and simultaneous monitoring of radiation dose from radon and daughter products. DOSEMAN can be put in a room or worn on your belt. Fully built-in NiMH battery ensures continuous operation for over 14 days. User can define a limit radon level or dose that trigger alarm in the form of flashing lights or sounds. DOSEMAN can be started and stopped manually (button) or from the connected PC.

Uses: DOSEMAN especially suitable for:
• continuous measurement of radon levels in indoor air
• monitoring of radiation doses to workers at workplaces under ground (power plants, mines, tunnels, etc.)
• examination of the effects of measures against radon

Measurement principle: Radon gas diffuses into Dose Mans measurement chamber where decay (decay) of radon and radon daughter atoms to happen. The electrically charged daughter (Po-218 and Po-214) collected on a semiconductor detector by means of high voltage. Each alpha particle hits the detector are counted and the energy of the particle measured. Radon concentration in air is calculated from the energy spectra.
data transfer and management: It used infrared technology for transmission of the data saved in the PC DOSEMAN. It comes with an easy to use Windows program (Administrator desk) used for receiving data and setting of measurement parameters. Data (eg. Time distribution of radon levels) can easily be brought into EXCEL and printed as a graph. Administrator desk is also used to start the measurement with DOSEMAN in system mode to ensure that unauthorized persons interrupt measurement.

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Technical data
• Impact Principle: On-line alfaspektrometri the collected radon gas
• Detector: Si-ion implanted, 200 mm ² sensitive area
• Measuring chamber volume 12 cc with collecting voltage
• Sampling diffusion through a membrane permeable Radon exclusive products
• Energy range: 3.8 to 8.5 MeV
• Energy resolution: 100 keV per channel
• Time resolution: every minute an alpha spectrum, analyzed and after verification be added to a sum spectrum.
• Recorded information: total ROI count of Po-218 and Rn-222 (fast-mode), in addition Po-214 (slow-mode), total spectrum, cumulative dose
• Memory capacity: 700 cycles
• Efficiency: 0.22 (real-mode) and 0.38 (slow mode) counts / (min * kBq / m³)
• Statistical margin of error at 20 ° C / 40% RH: 100% / (T * CRN * 0.22 [0.38]) 1/2, [T]: min; [CRN]: kBq / m³
• Measuring range: 10 Bq / m³ - 4MBq / m³

Instrument control and data transfer:
• Kabellos, infrared interface to a PC COM port (Rate: 115,200 baud); Administrator desk (WINDOWS) for comfortable control of measurement parameters and data transfer
• Online control LCD, 3 rows with 12 characters each; soft key pad
• Alarm Function: Buzzer sound; LED flashing lights
• Size / weight: 115 x 57 x 32 mm, 250 g
• Power supply: NiMH rechargeable battery for 300 hours stand-by time; booster Akku for long-term measurements with up to 1,200 hours of stand-by time
• Housing: Aluminum, IP-64, shock resistant
• Environmental conditions: Temperature: from -10 ° C to +50 ° C, Humidity: RH: 0% - 98% (no condensation)

User Preferences:
• Measurement Range: 1-255 min
• Equilibrium Factor: 0.2 - 0.7 (Default: 0.5)
• Dose conversion factor according to ICRP 66)
• Dose-alarm level: from 1 to 10,000 μSv
• Personal and local ID code
• Operation mode: single-mode single measurements on site, system-mode for protection against unauthorized till time.
• Display mode (fast / slow) for on-line calculation of dose and radon concentration

Data transmitted to the PC contains:
• The distribution of radon concentration
• Total Dose and WLM during the measurement period
• Energy spectrum collected in the period
• Fast-mode and slow-mode results
• Measurement Parameters and personal and local ID code
• Calibration Data