Target Audience: Appraisers, occupational health services, municipal officers, specialist companies, eiendomsavd. in the municipalities, municipal doctors, County doctors and anyone else who wants a thorough introduction to sporfilm-og-skjemaradonproblematikk.

Goals: The course provides a thorough introduction to radonproblematikk. Participants are expected to be informed about and to be able to communicate and advise on all major aspects of radonproblematikken. The course provides the academic foundation for other advanced course and is required for courses. 3 and 4. Participants ' motivation and activity levels will be strengthened through tasks and level of knowledge for the course examined the knowledge test. Participants will be invited to evaluate the course.

-Introduction to radioactivity, isotopes, radon and radondøtre and their physical properties.
-Elementary considerations in radiation biology and dosimetri.
-The presence of radon, sources, rocks, soil conditions, radonkart based on geology.
-Radon in water and in building materials
-Radoninntrengning and spread in buildings, diffusion, convection
-Health aspects, health risks, lung cancer and combined effects of smoking.
-Radon legislation, international and national recommendations. Review of key regulations that directly or indirectly affect radiation protection radonproblematikk-law, plan, Act, the disposal of building law, valuation Act.
-Risk assessment – the basics of radon measurement methods of tasks.
-Basics of radonkartlegging in homes and workplaces.
-Radonkartlegging in municipalities, various radonkart, interpretation and usefulness.
-Build stock research with respect to radon, interpretation and uncertainty.
-Basics of action against radon with tasks.
-Knowledge Test.

Prior knowledge required: No

Course program: pdf

Duration: 2 days, Day 1. from 10:00-16:15. Day 2: from 09:00–15:00

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Course Location: Forskningsveien 3B, Oslo

List price: NOK 10.900,-incl. VAT lunch/coffee and compendium

Deadline: Deadline for registration is 1 day before the course starts. When we reach the maximum number of participants is closing new sign ups, possibly. be transferred to the next course. Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to enroll in.

Terms of payment: 100% of the course fee is paid before the course starts. The customer does not meet the non-refundable tuition, but the customer may attend a later equivalent courses.

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