Target audience: Appraisers, consultants, technical specialist companies, agencies in the municipalities, radon-i-skolebyggcorporate health care, etc.

Goals: This course is intended to provide deeper understanding of radongassens physical properties, as well as a theoretical and practical introduction to the most important measuring methods for measuring radonkonsentrasjon. Course participants should be able to evaluate the measurement methods should be used in every situation. Participants who complete this course will be able to plan, execute, analyze and report results of radonmålinger in different types of buildings. They should also be able to evaluate radonrisiko in buildings, on a plot of land or water from radon in the home. Participants ' motivation and activity levels will be strengthened through theoretical and practical tasks. The level of knowledge for the course will be examined through the knowledge test. Participants will be invited to evaluate the course.

Prior knowledge required: Radon course, 1 day, documented knowledge of radon issues.radontest-i-skole

Duration: 1 day (10:00-16:00)

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List price: NOK 8.900,-incl. VAT lunch/coffee and compendium

Deadline: Deadline for registration is 1 day before the course starts. When we reach the maximum number of participants is closing new sign ups, possibly. be transferred to the next course. Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to enroll in.

Terms of payment: 100% of the course fee is paid before the course starts. The customer does not meet the non-refundable tuition, but the customer may attend a later equivalent courses.

Registration can be done by sending us a request via our contact form. Specify which courses you are interested in we will inform you if there are still free places on the course.