The RTM1688-2 is a true universal Radon/Thoron Monitor covering the whole range of Radon measurements. The high sensitivity combined with the alpha spectroscopic analysis will cause a response time as short as physical possible even at low Radon concentrations. The Thoron concentration will be determined simultaneously.

Radon entry paths can be discovered by the "sniffing” mode. Soil gas sampling as well as Radon in water measurements are simple because of the built in pump.

The operation of the instrument is realised by only one button. A serial printer may be connected to the interface of the RTM1688-2 to present a protocol directly on site.

The instrument can be directly connected to a modem (analogue, ISDN, GSM) for remote data transmission. The Radon Vision software (included in delivery) handles the telephone connection as simple as a direct cable link.

The measurement chamber is not sensitive against humidity variations – a drying tube, commonly used in such instrument types, is not required.

Special attention was paid for the issue of quality assurance. Each stored data record contains a complete Alpha spectrum which shows the error-free operation of the instrument for each single integration interval. Any number of measurement series may be created by starting/stopping the data acquisition. The data stored within the instrument can be read by PC even if a measurement is in progress.

The small chamber volume of only 130 ml must pointed out. The measurement of probes taken from small and limited volumes is possible due to this property.

The RTM1688-2 can be powered either by a mains power adapter or by the internal battery which gives an autonomous operation time up to 14 days.

As a matter of course the instrument is equipped with sensors for temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. An integrated tilt detector will give a signal if the instrument has been removed from its original position during the measurement.