State-of-the art instrument that is ideal for both short-and long-term radonmåling. The device is based on the diffusion of radon, and also has built-in sensors for relative humidity and temperature. Minimal impact of humidity on radonmåling. Batteries last for several months. Data can be transferred to PC. Windows software.

Radon Scout was designed to meet the special requirements of radonkonsentrasjon logging over both short and long. It was placed on easy operation and protection against unauthorized removal (manipulation) of the instrument.

Two standard batteries (D size) ensures operation over several months.

The size of the memory was designed to get a long term distribution. Collected data can be transferred to a PC, even if a measurement is in progress. The instrument can be connected directly to a modem (analog, ISDN, GSM) for remote data transmission. The Radon Vision Software (included) manages phone connection as easy as a direct cable connection.

Due to the high sensitivity of Radon Scout, the variations of radonkonsentrasjon be recorded exactly even at low radonnivåer. The instrument works in diffusion mode so that a possible influence of thoron can be ruled out. Measuring Chamber is equipped with a semiconductor detector and high voltage for efficient collection of radondøtre. The appliance contains very low sensitivity to humidity.

Sensors for temperature and humidity are very useful add-ons. The integrated tilt detector will give a signal instrument was moved from its original position during measurement.

Radon Vision software for Windows allows data readout and analysis becomes easy.

Technical Data:

cts/(min * ³ kBq/m)
Measurement range
Radon (Rn-222)
0 to 1

Integration interval
1; 3; customer specified

Battery operation
up to 3 months

(Type 2 * AA, Alkaline, 3.135 mAh) or any battery type (NiMH, NiCd)
Non volatile memory

records (intervals)
1 Switch

Measure, ON Stand-by
Dimensions (W/D/H)
10 x 78 x 43

[mm]; Housing aluminium

Data interface
RS232; Adpater USB 2.0 (9,600 Baud)
Control software Data download with chart, Zoom/Pan print, ROI, Protocol settings